Healthy Services Catering to Homes, Businesses, and Lifestyles

Nutrition - We offer help in the garden, and in the kitchen, either at home, or converting open commercial spaces into exciting start-up farms. From pulling the weeds to packing fresh salads for your work week, we can help turn your home into a farm-to-table flavor factory. Hire friendly and affordable hourly help in the garden or kitchen!

Recreation - We work hard and eat healthy to do the things we love and enjoy! From running The Sandy Pond Soccer Club to offering guided hikes to New England's top peaks and mountain views. We're here to help people push themselves, realize their goals, and reach the next mountain-top together! Join the soccer team, plan a hike with us, or let us know how we can help you do the activities you love!

Consultation - We aim to help in every way, our focus is on a well-rounded lifestyle that incorporates our work, our competition, and our personal pursuits. Whether offering advice to an individual, coaching them in soccer, or helping them market their new side-hustle, we're here to help you realize your own abilities, to work, play, and live to your full potential. Consulting is not just for millionaire CEO's, get local, affordable and friendly advice, by the minute, from local entrepreneurs.

We are helpful and well-rounded people, looking to assist in all areas of life, ask about:

Moving, painting, cleaning, dog-walking, house-sitting, or anything else you may need.

New England SportScapes LLC

A Wholistic Approach to Organic Agriculture and Grassroots Athletics

A harvest of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and peppers from the Meat Bone Disc Golf Course. More Photos

A pathway lined with flowering pumpkin plants leads disc golfers to a tee box enclosed in pepper plants. More Photos

Home-cooked Japanese BBQ Steak over Rice with Salad

Owner and Operator of

The Sandy Pond Soccer Club

How We Can Help

Gardening Service

Cost-effective help around the yard

Help with routine yardwork and small projects

Organic vegetable gardening, Install, plant, weed, feed, harvest.

A low-cost friendly green thumb at your disposal.

Home Cooking Service

Need help eating-in with a busy schedule?

Let us prepare fresh, home-cooked meals right in your kitchen.

You set the menu, we do the work.

Individual dinners served hot, or pre-packaged meals for the work week.

We shop, cook, and clean, you eat and enjoy.

Sandy Pond Soccer Club

Play as an adult,

Training for youth players and beginners,

A local grassroots club for everybody,

Ambitions to grow as players and people and bring the club to new heights.

Guided Hikes

Enjoy New England's most beautiful mountain views.

From your front door to the summit, we'll navigate the roads and trails.

Wake up and push yourself to new heights, while we provide transportation, food, water, and a knowledgeable guide on your way to any one of New England's beautiful hikes.

Young Adult Career Coaching

Get help with your resume, look for jobs, and take the next step for yourself.

Consulting is not just for millionaire CEO's.

Low-cost advice from local entrepreneurs, who understand the local job market.

Empower yourself with the skills, knowledge, and drive to succeed.

Low-cost, per-minute consulting, designed to help the entry level candidate.

Side-Hustle Consulting 

Have a skill you want to monetize?

Need help turning your hobby or side-hustle into a vibrant start-up?

You don't need to be a millionaire executive to hire consulting help.

Low-cost, per-minute consultations from local entrepreneurs

We'll walk you through the opening steps, discuss strategies, and help you market your new business.

Cuztomize Your Own SportScapes Project

Enjoy the Outdoors, the Exercise, and the Nutrition with a playable, edible, SportScape

Choose from one of our templates, or work with us on your own custom design.